Essential Tools for Making Model Kits


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced modeler, going further with the hobby entails using a few tools to make the job a whole lot easier and finish the project. Yet, with the wide array of equipment out there, it can be a daunting task to determine which exact tools do you … Read more

All About Railway Modelling Set Accessories

A beautiful railway model

Staying inside the house is indeed a great way to escape the hazards of the outside world. Having an indoor hobby is what you need to make your stay-at-home experience more fun and exciting. A hobby you can do in the comfort of your home is railway modeling, which is a famous … Read more

Most Valuable Model Trains in the World

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Undeniably, model trains will always have a special place in people’s hearts. Despite their looks and their sizes, kids and even adults grew fond of these stunning model trains.  Model trains nowadays are generally made of plastics. However, back in those days, these toy trains were made of metal and wood. Model … Read more

Model Train Accessories


The enduring popularity of model train sets shows their continued appeal to many fans with the accessibility of hobby drones, complex gadgets, and gaming systems. From young ones to seasoned hobbyists, model trains offer adequate opportunities and great enjoyment for the entire family’s creativity. Mindless of your level of experience, the scope … Read more

Using Household Items For A Budget-friendly Model Railroading

Like with any hobby, model railroading entails spending on the tools and materials to perform the activity or complete the project. Everything is worth the expense, given that it provides sheer fun, a unique experience, and an array of other excellent benefits. If you’re on the thrifty side, don’t fret, as you … Read more

Who was the First Creator of Model Trains?


Model trains have been around for many generations. From the most simple “iron horse” replicas in the 1800s to the more sophisticated railroad sets today, trains have remained on the wish lists of both the old and young. The fundamental idea of trains sees back much further in the past. First, the … Read more

Essential Tools for Model Railroading

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Working on railway modeling is a great way to exercise our minds and relieve ourselves of stress and anxiety. It gives us a chance to boost our creativity, mainly because of the endless possibilities you can do with your model trains. If you are looking for the perfect hobby to spend time … Read more

Cleaning the Wheels of Your Model Trains

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Model trains are indeed the perfect hobby to help you relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to this, it also helps you boost creativity, improve crafting skills, as well as make you more focused. Once you are finished with your model train, you can decide whether you should put it for display … Read more

Best Investments for Model Train Enthusiasts

Best Investments for Model Train Enthusiasts

Whether you’re doing railway modeling for pastime or taking it on a serious level, you need to invest in modeling tools to make the task easier and faster. However, there are many options available, making it challenging to choose which ones are essential for your project and worth spending your money on. … Read more

Introduction to Marklin Trains

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Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH or simply known as Marklin, is a toy company that is based in Germany. Even if it originally began as a manufacturer that specialized in making dollhouse accessories, it became famous for making model railways as well as technical toys. In fact, in some parts of Sweden … Read more