Most Valuable Model Trains in the World

Undeniably, model trains will always have a special place in people’s hearts. Despite their looks and their sizes, kids and even adults grew fond of these stunning model trains. 


Model trains nowadays are generally made of plastics. However, back in those days, these toy trains were made of metal and wood. Model trains today can be majestic and eye-catching, but every historic railway speaks of its history and each prides itself with a unique
beauty and tourism experience.
 They are worth more, especially to the eyes of some
model train collectors. But, what are the Most Valuable Model Trains in the World? You can see below some of these trains and how valuable they are. 

Lionel Standard Gauge Set from 1934

This model train set manufactured by Lionel, LLC, an iconic model trains company, is probably the most valuable model train that has ever been sold. This model train set is a Mint-in-the-Box set that has a 400E Engine and comes with State Passenger Cars. This model train was sold in an auction and was worth about $250,000. 

Lionel Model Train “The Brute” 

Another valuable model train from Lionel, LLC. is “The Brute.” This model train is utterly expensive since it is the rarest model train the company has ever produced. The collector of “The Brute” model train is not selling this masterpiece. However, if he would, he is asking more than $500,000 for it. Lionel collectors want original trains that have not been tampered with, so the price is reasonable for the quality and originality. 

Brass Budder Train

They first showcased this model train in the United States last 2010. This Brass Budder Train costs $150,000. Some say that this model train was made from pure solid gold. However, if it is pure gold, it would cost more. The materials might not be pure gold, but this model train still costs so much money. 

Mayfair Model Railway

This model railway train set up by Pete Waterman (a music mogul) costs 1.21 million dollars. This model train is only one-tenth of the entire collection. How much more would be the cost of the whole group? According to Pete Waterman, he’s getting older, and soon, he will not be able to restore the engines of the model trains by himself. The cost of the Mayfair Model Railway is expensive to ensure that the manufacturers would have enough money to carry on with the job. Waterman also said that he would not sell the rest of the model train collection. His reason is that he considers them the finest of model trains ever made. 

Northlandz NJ

This setup is not only model trains, but it also includes almost 50,000 trees, over 3,000 tiny buildings in villages and towns, and 40-foot bridges over huge canyons. Bruce Zaccagnino, the one who made this setup, built the Northlandz NJ entirely using his hands. You can find this layout in the town of Flemington in the Garden State. It is probably the most massive model train setup in the United States. According to the creator of Northlandz NJ., it cost them several million to open this exhibit. 

Seiffert Road layout in Oregon

This model train layout located at 18055 SW Seiffert Road in Oregon is selling at 3.5 million dollars. This railroad setup revolves around a 19.67-acre state. This setup includes model trains crossing bridges and passing along the tunnels. It also consists of a tiny rail yard ideal for servicing and a station. Lastly, it also includes a house with four bedrooms, three restrooms, a huge workout area, and a covered deck.  

Miniature Wonderland

Miniature Wonderland is undoubtedly the most expensive model train setup ever created. This model train layout located in Germany costs 12.12 million dollars. Aside from being the most valuable, the Miniature Wonderland is also the most massive model train setup in the whole world. This setup covers almost 8.08 miles of track, as it features seven areas, including the Alps, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and even America. This model train layout also includes 14,450 wagons and over 1000 trains running around the railways. 

Model trains are so valuable and worth so much money mainly because of the rarity of the model trains. Back in the day, companies like Lionel, LLC. that manufactured model trains only produced a small number of pieces. They are also high-priced because of the technology used to build them and the quality of these model trains. The most valuable model trains out there are also like the exact representations of the usual trains. They usually have extraordinary craftsmanship and are produced with so much care, which is a good reason why they cost a lot of money.