Best Asian Beers for a Dinner Party

a beer assortment sold in Bali, Indonesia; Carlsberg, Bali Hai, Bintang and Anker Beer.

By no means is hosting dinner parties an easy task. Between planning/preparing meals, establishing the right ambiance, and ensuring the night is exciting, the beer offered can sometimes be ignored. Furthermore, the type of beer you serve to your guests is crucial, and when picked appropriately, it can enhance their overall experience. … Read more

Tips for Taking the Train in the UK

a train station with passengers on the train and on the platform

There’s something romantic about a train journey, especially when traveling through the United Kingdom by train. If you’ve gone by train before, it may appear straightforward. However, there are some eccentricities in the British train system that, if you knew about them, might save you heaps of time and money, not to … Read more

What do you do if your cat keeps wanting to play with your model train?

What do you do if your cat keeps wanting to play with your model train

Your model trains are a product of time, patience, hard work, and hard-earned money. With all that invested, you want to protect them from damage or any mishap that would reduce their beauty and value. Suddenly, here comes your stubborn cat, running, jumping, climbing on your layout, and treating your precious model … Read more

What is London Fashion Week?

Hundreds of fashion-related events are held each, but there are only a few that is as prestigious and as popular as the London Fashion Week, a clothing trade show that occurs twice a year in London, the capital of England. London Fashion Week is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, with … Read more

What Are Traditional British Home Decor Elements?

living room, plants, dark brown chair, wood table, patterned white wall,  plain brown floor mat

As postwar suburbs grew in popularity, people sought to emulate the interior design traditions of 18th and 19th-century Europe. While more exciting, trendy, or decade-specific design eras come and go, traditional design buzzes away quietly in the background. Many Americans are raised in houses that are described as traditional British in style. … Read more

Who Are the Top London Purse and Handbag Designers?

A designer bag

British purse and handbag designers are known across the globe for producing and introducing some of the finest items in the world. Each brand or designer has its own identity, which is highlighted in their color schemes or patterns. In addition to that, these designers have a huge history and continue to … Read more

Who Were the Famous British Astronomers?

eclipse, sun, moon, light flares

Astronomy in the United Kingdom dates back to prehistoric times. Since the dawn of time, British astronomers have been engaged in observation and theory. Through their revolutionary and ground-breaking study, they have achieved some remarkable discoveries about the planet that had previously been beyond human grasp. The English were the ones who … Read more

Tips for Keeping Powered Up While Traveling

a person charging his phone via a power bank

When traveling somewhere far, everything from food to keeping the gadgets charged is as essential as anything else. To capture the memories and keep your schedule set, it is important to ensure that your devices are powered up while on the go. Nowadays, there is no way that one can travel without … Read more

Should I Make a Blog About My Train Hobby?

Train going through the mountains of New Hampshire, United States

Hobbies can take different shapes. While some love to do gardening as a hobby, others collect trains and build railroads. It is suited for all ages and some people have even spent their entire life collecting different types of trains and capturing train rides while travelling.  Train sets are readily available at … Read more